Aquachoice A4C Under Sink Water Filter

Aquachoice A4C Under Sink Water Filter

Aquachoice A4C Features:

  • Aquachoice A4C under sink water filter uses submicron technology process
  • It helps improve water quality by filtering out contaminants from water such as dirt, chlorine and giardia
  • Aquachoice A4C dimensions are 14.5”x3.25” diameter with no need for an electrical connection
  • It produces 1,500 gallons of filtered clean drinking water in quantity
  • Changing cartridge of Aquachoice A4C water filter system is easy and quick

Are you looking for a way to deliver purified drinking water to people without having to waste money and resources on plastic water bottles? The A4C by Aquachoice is a water filter for cold cup vending machines. The A4C water filter is a great alternative to vending machines with bottles of water and soda. Instead, the ACH-A4C filters cold water for a variety of cold drinks, making normal water safe to drink. In fact, the ACH-A4C filters out contaminants that some water bottle manufacturers often neglect. Chlorine, which gives tap water its bad taste and odor, cyst, asbestos, dirt particles and cloudiness are all filtered out with the A4C water filter system, leaving you with healthy water for whatever you may use it for. The ACH-A4C would be a useful filter for any cold cup vending machine, be it in schools or places of business, like restaurants and offices. The ACH-A4C is simple to install and is small in diameter (14.5”x3.25”) and in length (12.75”). It fits inside of a standard cold cup vending machine and attaches to a 3/8” water line. It filters water from 35 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Aquachoice A4C is a durable and lasting product and only needs to be replaced once every 6 months, or after about 1,500 gallons of filtered water. Simply install another ACH-A4C the same way as the first installation. Aquachoice’s A4C not helps the environment by encouraging a more sparing use of plastic, but also provides you with guaranteed safe drinking water on the go.


  1. For water filter installation, what should be the position of the cartridge?

    For water filter installation, the cartridge should be installed vertically hanging down.

  2. Is it recommended to flush the cartridge after water filter installation?

    Yes, flush the cartridge by running water through the water filter for about 3 minutes at full flow.

  3. Should a saddle valve be used for water filter installation?

    No, saddle valve for connection should not be used for water filter installation.

  4. For water filter installation, what kind of water line should be used?

    Use 3/8” water line for water filter installation.