Aquachoice AOW2 Under Sink Water Filter

Aquachoice AOW2 Under Sink Water Filter

Aquachoice AOW2 Features:

  • Aquachoice AOW2 water filter plumbed-in to separate source for drinking water uses submicron technology process
  • It helps improve water quality by filtering out contaminants from water such as chlorine and lead
  • Aquachoice AOW2 dimensions are 10.25”x3.25” diameter with no need for an electrical connection
  • It produces 1,000 gallons of filtered clean drinking water in quantity for water coolers
  • Changing cartridge of Aquachoice AOW2 water filter system is easy and recommended in 6 months

Have you ever been reluctant to drink water from a fountain in fear of contamination? If so, the ACH-AOW2, by Aquachoice is the perfect solution to deliver premium quality drinking water for bottleless coolers and drinking fountains. The Aquachoice AOW2 is a water filter cartridge that fits inside small sized coolers and fountains. The ACH-AOW2 filters numerous contaminants from fountain water including lead, dirt particles, asbestos fibers, cysts, and chlorine, the culprit of bad taste and odor. Aquachoice AWO2 also makes water safe to drink by providing protection against bacterial growth and lime-scale build up. The ACH-AOW2 provides water fountains and bottleless coolers in offices, businesses, schools, and other public venues with fresh drinking water for all who may use them. This water purification system is also helpful in giving people environmentally, financially, and health conscious alternatives to buying bottled drinks. Bottled water creates waste for the environment, is a constant expense, and often contains contaminants that water filters like the ACH-AOW2 are fit to remove. The Aquachoice AOW2 is 10.25”x3.25” in diameter and 8.25” in length so it easily fits inside a water fountain application. The ACH-AOW2 is good for 1,000 gallons of filtered water, or about 6 months. Replacement of Aquachoice AOW2 is the same as installation. Simply remove the cartridge and attach another to a 3/8” water line, with no electrical connection required.


  1. For water filter installation, what is the ideal position of the cartridge?

    For water filter installation, the cartridge should be installed vertically hanging down.

  2. Is it recommended to flush the cartridge after water filter installation?

    Yes, flush the cartridge by running water through the water filter for about three minutes at full flow.

  3. Should a saddle valve be used for water filter installation?

    No, saddle valve for connection should not be used for water filter installation.

  4. What kind of water line should be used for water filter installation?

    For water filter installation, it is recommended to use 3/8” water line.